Waha Bar – An Ideal Venue to Chill and Relax

Elevate your senses at the  Al Waha Bar which is an ideal venue to chill and relax. Be it meeting with friends or with business associates, here at this place one can get utmost relaxation along with tea, coffee and snacks during the day. In the serene ambiance of our resort, this place makes a suitable rendezvous for formal and informal business discussions over morning coffee, afternoon tea or after hour’s drinks. A live band and song in the evening hours helps one unwind and relax. The staff at the Al Waha modestly, caters to your needs starting from serving you a heady cocktail to your favorite brew. It swanks of some of the rarest scotch which is tough to find anywhere else.

Waha Bar at Al Nahda Resort & Spa
Waha Bar at Al Nahda Resort & Spa

While having a stay in Al Nahda Resort, just do not miss the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds. Be it tea, coffee or any cocktail, you can get a huge array of snacks and beverages. It opens up at 11 in the morning till midnight. Therefore, you get ample amount of time to visit this striking bar and taste a wide range of mouth-watering snacks and drinks. Let yourself get rejuvenated in the tranquil environment of the Luxury Resort and your taste buds feel the magic of a different taste.

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