Camel Racing In Oman, an Impressive Adventure Sport to Witness !

Camel racing in Oman is one of the most interesting and eye-catching sports activities in the country. It is something that you must not miss while you are on a tour of this wonderful nation. For sure, you cannot witness this adventure sport like this anywhere else in the world.

The camels along with their owners gather together at specially created race-tracks and fight in races to win the prize money. As it is known to all that in horse racing, size and age of the jockey matters a lot but Omani jockeys make their debut in this race at the age of five only. Unfortunately, camel races are not as popular as other activities but this is for sure that if you attend any of these camel races in Oman, you will definitely enjoy a lot and make your tour memorable.

You can ask about the camel race in Oman to your hotel staff as they have the right knowledge about it. They can also arrange transport facility too so that you reach the place without any hurdle. Enjoy and have an adventurous and memorable vacation in the impressive land of Oman.

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