Camel Racing in Oman, a pride of the nation !

Camel racing in Oman is a very popular adventure sport. It is conducted on a regular basis in the country and a large number of camels come here to participate in it. During the competition, the camels speed up to 64 km per hour on the tracks that have especially been created for the race.

Camel Racing in Oman
Camel Racing in Oman

Camel racing in Oman is very much similar to a horse race. This authentic Arabian sport is not only famous in Arab but has reached to an international level. Visitors from different country now come here to watch this amazing race. It has now become an official and professional race of the region which includes various activities such as race tracks, specialized farms for raising camels and organizing rigorous training programmes, as well as using new technologies.

To witness this amazing race, people from different parts of the world come here. Either a leisure or business traveler, no one miss out the opportunity to enjoy this unique race. It is actually one among must watch lists for a tourist.

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