Camel Racing Oman is An Adventurous Attraction

Oman is full of adventure and entertainment.If it offers a picturesque and scenic surrounding, it also provides an adventurous experience.There are many adventure sports played in Sultanate of Oman but the one which attracts most eyes from across the globe is its Camel racing.

You must have seen horses running on tracks with a speed of cars in top gear but how many times have you seen a camel running with a speed that could send shivers down the spine. Hold on! There speed is limited to 64km/hr. The camels are still slower than the Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari.

Camel Racing in Oman
Camel Racing in Oman

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Camels are culture in the region. They are often described as the ‘Ships of Desert’ and their role in the life of Middle East people is indispensable. Camels are not just used as a means of travel but they play a vital part in the lives of desert people which are in a way beyond usual imaginations.They entertain.They are part of every function, every event and every festival.

Camel racing Oman is dedicated to the animal which has been a family to most of the people of the region. Genuinely, camel racing has evolved into an official sport which keeps the people undivided in the region.

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