Muscat- Oman History At A Glance

Muscat is the capital of Oman and a city full of Arabic treasures. This city is indeed a tourist magnet. The capital is divided into three main districts- Muscat, Muttrah and Ruwi with each district offering several lodging choices.

The city was invaded and occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century, after Vasco da Gama discovered this place on his way to India. The evidence of the invasion can be seen in the architectural design of the city today. The city became a busy port, with fortifications and a splendid palace being built to overlook the coastline. The Portuguese were later defeated by the Imam Sultan bin Saif in 1649. Soon the Imam Empire extended from Gwadar in Pakistan to Zanzibar to the south; however chaos entered the empire when the sultan died in 1679. Persians came to the city 50 years later and were defeated by the newly elected Iman, Ahmad Bin Said.

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Prosperity followed in the empire until the capital was transferred to Zanzibar in 1853, which resulted in the deterioration in Oman’s development. However, Omani people unified at the advent of British in their country. The war at Dofar led to the exit of the British and a new leader Sultan Qaboos Bin Said came into power under which the city came to life again.

The people here are very hospitable and the food here is a delightful concoction of various dishes. There are many restaurants in Muscat where you can find delicious food which is a concoction of Arabic and Indian dishes mostly. Pork and alcohol are not served anywhere in the city but some hotels in Muscat do have separate bars for foreigners. Muscat is great place to stay, the food is delicious and there are many activities to do in this wonderful city. So, when are you coming?

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