Why Should One Travel To Oman

The Arab country Oman officially called “Sultanate of Oman” is located at south eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is known for it’s tradition, culture, architects, beaches, deserts, mountains and amazing hospitality.

The capital of Oman is Muscat which is spread over the eastern side of the Arabian sea. The city Muscat is famous for its architectural wonder called “Grand Mosque”. This Mosque opens every week excluding Friday between 8:30am to 11:00am. The tourists can check out the beauty of these mosques.

Oman- Tradition and Culture


Oman have a religion of Islam. It’s has developed it’s own subsect of Islam called as “Ibadhism”. Oman have extraordinary traditional dresses and Clothes because mostly men use to wear a long gown, called a “dishdasha” with sandals and Omani “kummah”. About women, they are completely different from Western women because they like to wear western clothes but Omani female wear clothing that covers their shoulders and upper arms. Still some women like to wear the “Abaya”.

Famous for Architecture

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The charm of Oman start with its beautiful buildings. It’s completely different from the western architecture because it’s have flavour of Muslim architecture. We can calculate it’s beauty through Forts, mosques, homes and office buildings. That show amazing art and architecture work and it’s increasing the beauty of Oman. Most notable thing is colouring of the buildings which is shows uniformity. Mostly, building colours are whites or shades of whites and no graffiti in the city and walls are spotless clean.

Natural Beauty- Beaches and Mountains


The most attractive place for tourists where they can enjoy their whole day with their family and friends. There are number of small hidden caves around the beaches and mountains. These beaches, mountains and Caves are famous for Scuba diving, trekking, climbing and cave exploration. It’s amazing to sit around the beaches to watch waves bashing to create fresh surf. Omani desert is also part of attraction where you will find desert adventure such as camel riding, dunes driving, sand surfing and many more.

Amazing Hospitality- Oman

al nahda sheesha restaurant smoking small_0

The Sultanate of Oman is also known for its Omani hospitality because the people of are unselfish and very kind which might seem awkward for some tourist but they always keep smiling. Similarly, Omani cuisine have different flavour as compared to western food. The Foods are cooked Omani chicken, lamb, Kebab, cooked meat, rice and vegetables. Omani coffee called Kahwa, Omani halwa are very delicious.

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