Best Places To Travel In Middle East

People always plan and wondered where to travel in holidays. A holiday is not an runaway from life or responsibilities. It’s a kind of opportunity to explore new and beautiful places. Middle East provide great opportunities to tourist’s to explore most amazing and beautiful part of the earth. With little hotter weather, Middle East is a remarkable place to experience your holiday because it has everything for travelers such as multicultural cities, luxury hotels and resorts, fine dinning restaurants, amazing beaches, beautiful wadis, mountains, etc. Here are few destinations where people like to travel with family and friends.



While traveling to Egypt, Tourist can enjoy their holiday by exploring architectural and cultural treasure. Egypt is one of the favourite spot for holiday. It has desert, pyramids, rock temples, Red Sea Coast, Nile River, land of mummies and many more. If tourist’s are interested in archaeological treasures then winter is more favorable time for holiday or for water activities people likes to travel in summer season.

United Arab Emirates


If you are traveling to UAE, then your favorite spot for holiday will be Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These two places are very famous among people. Dubai is all about Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, Desert Safari, Dubai Mall. Abu Dhabi is one of the richest city of the world. About Abu Dhabi, recently wins Best International Family Holiday Destination Award. The weather of Abu Dhabi always remain hot and humid but winter month is most favorable for holidays. It’s an great and ideal holiday place for various tourists.


Sur, OmanRead aboutWhy Should One Travel To Oman

Oman is fascinating place for holiday and located at Arabian Peninsula. It has all authenticity, culture and traditions – Oman is one of the safest part of Middle East and best place for every outdoor fan. In Summer, Oman has very hot and hazy climate so, the best time to visit Oman between November to Mid-march, because the temperature is around 24 degree. The hospitality of Oman is great because the people of Oman is very friendly and open.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaRead aboutLuxury Spa Hotels & Resorts

Saudi Arabia is an ideal destination for many people who looks for adventure holiday. The country is rich in natural beauty called mountains, deserts, beaches, caves, volcanoes, ancient tombs and many more. The main holidays activities in Saudi Arabia will be hiking & skiing, cave exploration, water sports, camel riding, sand surfing etc. If you are planning for holidays in Saudi Arabia then between November to February are very pleasant months for tourists.


JordanAnother country of Middle East called Jordan is full of surprises for the travelers. The Jordan have mountains, beaches, castles, ancient churches, desert. More than 80% of the part of Jordan is desert. Jordan is peaceful and safest country for tourism. Amman capital of Jordan is a exciting city people like to spend some time. Traditional Jordanian cuisine will definitely attract you if you like to taste different food. One of the popular destination is Petra among tourist where travelers like to visit.

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