7 Amazing Places- Every Traveler Should Explore In Oman

Sometimes travelers got bored to choose same places for vacation again and again. Each year, tourists search for beautiful and amazing places on the internet for holidays. People like to visit at paradise places with families and friends. If you are looking for a change, Oman is the best option for you. Oman is an enigmatic country for many tourists because people don’t talk a lot about it. But, the reality of Oman is very different. It fulfills all wishes of every traveler and has all natural wonders that can attract any traveler, especially those who likes nature or unique places across the world. For the visitor, it’s an amazing holiday spot to unwind and relax in Oman. Omanis are very friendly, generous and hospitable people. Here are the reasons why Oman should be on your travel list:

Musandam Fjords Oman

Musandam FjordsMusandam is a small part of Oman, located at the tip of the Arabian peninsula. Khasab is a major city of Musandam. Khasab is popular for the natural beauty that includes huge desert mountains and breathtaking fjords which are famous for boating. During Khasab tour, people can enjoy Khasab fortress, dolphin safari as well as Dhow (Traditional Omani Boat).

Muscat – Capital of Oman
The capital of Oman is a clean, modern, peaceful and relaxing destination. Omanis are very traditional in dress and friendly as compared to other Arab countries. Muscat is famous for Grand Mosque, luxurious Desert Nights Camp, Mutrah Souq (old market), etc.

Beautiful Masirah Island

kitesurfingMasirah Island has located in Central Coastal Oman. It is a heaven for kitesurfers. Here you can see the rare breed of turtles laying eggs and other species. In Masirah island, there are 4-star hotels, resorts and restaurants are available for visitors. But, the island is not popular for tourist activities. It’s a perfect place for those who wants to experience a real desert island and spend some time alone.

Full of Adventure-Jebel Akhdar Mountain

Jebel Akhdar MountainThe Jebel Akhdar Mountains are the most spectacular areas of Oman. It’s a part of Al Hajar Mountains range, which covers approx. 300Km. If you are traveling through Jebel Akhdar Mountain, drivers should take care of the tracks because roads are more suitable for 4wd cars. A chance for tourists to experience the most beautiful landscape of Oman with full of adventure.

Samail Castle

samail castleSamail Castle is the most beautiful and greatest historical constructions of Oman. The castle is surrounded by huge mountains, palm trees and has many rooms and wooden stand cannons which undoubtedly attracts many travelers. Just few kilometer drive from Muscat to Al Dakhiliyah Region.

Al Hazm Town and Village Oman

Al Hazm Town and villageDuring 1123 A.H.–1711 A.D, Imam Sultan bin Seif (the 2nd.) establish Al Hazm town as a capital of Oman including Al Hazm fort, located in Welayat Rustaq. It’s an outstanding example of Omani architecture. Al Hazm is a place of the big fortress and various ruins of an old village. Al Hazm town is known for amazing surrounding which includes green palm trees and desert mountains.

Omani Deserts

Oman DesertOman’s Desert are the most popular spot for visitors because of various sporting activities which includes quad biking, desert safari, camel riding, sand boarding and much more. If you who wants to enjoy the holiday in the desert. Oman gives you best option for the luxury desert holiday.

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