Why Oman Is A Best Place For Holidays In Middle East

Travelling around the globe is like an enjoying luxury life and luxurious travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea. Since there are many luxurious destinations on the map one will not find easy to choose a place where he/she can get what he/she actually wants to explore. Hence it is necessary for a traveller to do some research Online or discuss with the travel agents for a place where everything is just ‘luxury’ to absorb. When you have decided and mark a place to visit the first concern which comes to mind is the accommodation. Not long ago Middle East countries didn’t appear on the map when it came to luxurious travelling but the time has changed now. Infrastructure development and an eye to attracting tourists Middle East countries have to build a number of fine resorts to offer visitors a kind of peaceful and homely environment.


Nowadays, Oman is one of the preferable destination for holidays in the Middle East. Oman resorts offer some incredible services to its visitors. There is a lot to experience. The resorts offer Ayurvedic Spa, peaceful surrounding, natural glare, picturesque view of the beaches and a lot more to bring peace to the visitors. The resorts offer its visitors a blend of a modern and traditional speck of Oman in its hospitality.


Oman is one of the oldest civilizations on the Arabian Peninsula and home to the legend of Arabian Nights. It is an exciting and beautiful tourist destination, a perfect getaway during chilly winters. The Sultanate is truly a concoction of exoticism, mysticism, delicious food and the hospitality of its people. The land of this wonderful nation occupied with white sand beaches with swaying date palms, desert dunes, and majestic mountain ranges are sure to put a spell on anyone who enters it.

Let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about this magical country:

– Oman is officially known as the ‘Sultanate of Oman’.
– The system of Absolute Monarchy is followed in Oman. There are no presidents or prime ministers.
– The capital city, Muscat is also the nation’s largest city.
– Ibadi Muslims constitute major population in Oman. The minority groups are filled with Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi etc.
– Besides Arabic, which is the official language of Oman, English, Hindi and other dialects are also spoken here.
– The first ever mention of Oman as Omana was made by Yalanious who lived from 23-79 A.D.
– Many centuries ago, Oman was the home to shipbuilding.
– Oman, in the past, was one of the wealthiest nations of the world.
– People here believe that the legendary city of Ubar got buried under the desert because too much wealth drove its people away from religion.
– The national flag of Oman was adopted in 1971.
– The gates of this wonderful nation were opened in 1990 for the tourists.
– UNESCO chooses an Omani citizen every two years, for his or her contribution towards the environment and that chosen one then receives an award from the Sultan of Oman.

This country is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for tourists. The best time to visit this majestic land is from September till March. There are tons of activities to do here and the food is simply delicious. You can see the Arabic architecture in its traditional form here.


Food and lodging facilities are quite good in the Sultanate’s capital city, the restaurants serve delicious food and you can easily find some great restaurant in Oman. There are lots of delicious dishes to try but a visit to Oman is incomplete if you don’t get invited by locals to drink Kawah (Omani coffee), which is usually served with dates. The hospitality of the people is amazing.

The crime rate in this part of the globe is very low with the exception of petty crimes like theft etc. and violent crimes seldom happen here. It is one of the most or perhaps the most peaceful nation in the Middle Eastern region. A great place to visit and make some fresh and beautiful memories.

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