Explore The Adventures Of Oman On a Road Trip

Oman is a naturally blessed country. With rugged mountains to serene beaches and wind-combed dunes, Oman is a paradise for any tourist who loves to watch the nature in all its glory. Throw in some luxury resorts in Oman, which are abundant, and you get a complete package for a fun-filled vacation. Oman is easily accessible, modern yet rooted and top of it, quite safe. Although you can enjoy the beauty of Oman by visiting the designated tourists’ spot, it is only a road-trip that will give you the thrill of adventure.

Exploring The Mountains


Hiring a car in Oman can be a rewarding experience. First, the rates are reasonable and second, the fuel price is paltry. The meandering mountains and the rugged terrain offer a thrilling drive but there are a few routes that are only for the unflappable drivers. After exploring the Muscat city and having proper rest at your luxury hotel Muscat, you can set for your road trip to alluring mountains and desert.

Your first drive to mountains will be from Muscat to Western Al Hazar. The best companion that you can have while exploring this mountain is a 4WD SUV. Not because the fuel is cheap but because the terrains cannot be negotiated with, if you are not driving a 4WD vehicle. There is a host of spots that are epitome of scenic beauty. You will find Oman’s highest mountain, Jebel Shams and other such peaks including Jebel Akhdar and Wadi Ghul. There are orchards along these mountains that produce exotic fruits and nuts like Pomegranate and apricot etc.

The drive through the plateau is a true test of nerve. If love living on the edge and this terrain is just for you. The scenic panoramic view that you will get to experience while taking the off-road route from Rushtaq and Al Hamara is unparalleled. It is advisable to avoid this route if it has rained or weather prediction is not suitable.

Exploring The Desert & Seas


After experiencing the thrill of the mountains, you can now drive to the eastern Oman which is mostly desert. Your 4WD SUV will again be your best companion if you wish to get up and close with the dunes. Sharqiya Sands is the desert area where you can indulge in several activities including dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, sand-boarding, and trekking etc. There are no permanent settlements in the dunes, but you can find a few camps where you can spend a night or two.

Driving southeast from here on Muscat-Sur Highway, you can enter the city and check into a luxury resort in Oman and also enjoy the coast. The coastal area of Oman is quite sensitive as rare turtles come ashore to breed and they must not be disturbed. You can quietly enjoy the roar of the Arabian sea and admire the sunset at Ras-Al-Jinz and other beaches.

While on a road trip, always follow the traffic rules and drive carefully. Camel and goats often wander on the roads, you must be cautious on the road while driving. Also, you must be equipped with offline maps, smartphone, fuel, extra tyre, jack and other supplies.

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