What Makes Family Holiday Special In Oman

Oman may not be the first country that you think of when you exploring destinations in middle-east. However, the country has put in sincere efforts in the past few years to project it as a great place to enjoy a family trip. From pristine sea beaches to undulating dunes, Oman has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Even in terms of facilities, activities, and things to see, the country will spoil you for choices.

There has been a focus on developing hotels, theme parks and other activities that cater to the entire family. Oman is a safe country and also offers convenient ways of transportation. You can either pick a self-driven car to zoom around the sand dunes, coasts and mountains or opt for a guided tour across the country. The rich culture of the country is quite mesmerizing and is sure to take you to a different world all together.

We have listed a few reasons that make Oman a family-friendly holiday destination:

sporting activities

Sports Activities:
When you are with your family, you not only seek scenic beauty in a place but also some activities that keep your kids engaged. Apart from several amusement parks and camel riding experience, you can also indulge in thrilling adventure with activities like quad biking, snorkeling and water sports. The resort you stay in can provide you more guidance on such activities.

Nouzha Restaurant

Amazing Hotels and Resorts:
In its bid to boost tourism in the country, Oman has taken consolidated steps to open luxury resorts and hotels. These resorts are the perfect place to stay with your family and spend some quality time. Resorts like Al Nahda Resort and Spa not only provides luxury accommodation but also offers activities like quad biking, camel riding, kite-flying and others.


Family-friendly Attractions:
When it comes to tourist attractions, Oman is simply unparalleled. From serene beaches, mighty mountains to velvet dunes, Oman is a paradise for the nature lovers. If you wish to make your trip more entertaining for kids, you can go for turtle and dolphin watching, you can go for turtle and dolphin watching, wildlife safaris, and snorkeling etc. Oman has also a lot to offer to the shopping enthusiasts. Mutrah Souq is one place where you can shop for traditional Omani souvenirs and other such stuff. Apart from these attractions, Museums, forts, and castles are also great spots for spending a good time with the family.

Omani cuisine

Omani Cuisine:
Oman is known for its warm hospitality and if you happen to visit someone’s home in Oman, you can relish mouth-watering dishes and beverages. Omani cuisine is essentially an amalgamation of Arabic and Asian delicacies cooked in a traditional way. A variety of sweet dishes like Lokhemat and Halwa make the cuisine complete in all respects.

Oman is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Its beautiful landscapes and rich culture that guarantees limitless excitement. Untouched landscapes of the country are quite diverse and offer a range of activities like snorkeling, deep-sea diving, dune bashing, quad biking and much more. To top it all, Oman is home to great restaurants that serve authentic Omani as well as global cuisines. Oman is surely going to offer you and your family an experience of a life time. All you need to do is to pack your bags and set sail.

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