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Preparations For Camel Racing Season In Oman

Also known as The Ships of the desert, Camels have been a very important factor in the life of the people in the desert. Camels were a symbol of prosperity in olden days. The existence of Bedouins was dependent on camels and they showed affection towards camels. Sultan Qaboos made a strategy which included both tradition and urbanization. He ensured that the Omani tradition is preserved and at the same time there shall be no compromise on development and urbanization. Royal Camel corps were also set by the Sultan which gives the required care and supervision of private camels. It also imparts training to the camels and plays an important role in popularizing Camel racing.

Camel racing is a very popular event in Oman where camels compete with each other at the speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour. The sport is strikingly similar to the horse racing. Camel racing has turned into an official racing event which includes proper race tracks, dedicated farms for raising camels and training them and the latest technologies.

Few preparations are made before the event. Meetings are held where all the issues related to camel racing are raised and discussed. Some other competitions are held for example last year camel milk and beauty competitions were also held along with the actual race. The event is covered and broadcasted in both television and radio platforms.

camel racing in Oman
camel racing in Oman

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Sultan Qaboos organized the annual camel racing festival in order to preserve the true Omani tradition and the Omani breed of camels. Different wilayats can participate in the event. The race is usually conducted for two days. Depending on the age of Camel around twelve rounds happen on the first day and the real race happens the following day which includes five rounds. Only Omani people can participate in the camel racing and the camel should be of Omani origin too. The winners are awarded with cash and even cars. These festivals surely boost the tourism in Oman. Once a tradition, Camel racing in Oman has become an important competitive professional sport which attracts thousands of fans from all over the world.

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Camel Racing Oman is An Adventurous Attraction

Oman is full of adventure and entertainment.If it offers a picturesque and scenic surrounding, it also provides an adventurous experience.There are many adventure sports played in Sultanate of Oman but the one which attracts most eyes from across the globe is its Camel racing.

You must have seen horses running on tracks with a speed of cars in top gear but how many times have you seen a camel running with a speed that could send shivers down the spine. Hold on! There speed is limited to 64km/hr. The camels are still slower than the Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari.

Camel Racing in Oman
Camel Racing in Oman

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Camels are culture in the region. They are often described as the ‘Ships of Desert’ and their role in the life of Middle East people is indispensable. Camels are not just used as a means of travel but they play a vital part in the lives of desert people which are in a way beyond usual imaginations.They entertain.They are part of every function, every event and every festival.

Camel racing Oman is dedicated to the animal which has been a family to most of the people of the region. Genuinely, camel racing has evolved into an official sport which keeps the people undivided in the region.

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Camel Racing in Oman, a pride of the nation !

Camel racing in Oman is a very popular adventure sport. It is conducted on a regular basis in the country and a large number of camels come here to participate in it. During the competition, the camels speed up to 64 km per hour on the tracks that have especially been created for the race.

Camel Racing in Oman
Camel Racing in Oman

Camel racing in Oman is very much similar to a horse race. This authentic Arabian sport is not only famous in Arab but has reached to an international level. Visitors from different country now come here to watch this amazing race. It has now become an official and professional race of the region which includes various activities such as race tracks, specialized farms for raising camels and organizing rigorous training programmes, as well as using new technologies.

To witness this amazing race, people from different parts of the world come here. Either a leisure or business traveler, no one miss out the opportunity to enjoy this unique race. It is actually one among must watch lists for a tourist.

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Camel Racing In Oman, an Impressive Adventure Sport to Witness !

Camel racing in Oman is one of the most interesting and eye-catching sports activities in the country. It is something that you must not miss while you are on a tour of this wonderful nation. For sure, you cannot witness this adventure sport like this anywhere else in the world.

The camels along with their owners gather together at specially created race-tracks and fight in races to win the prize money. As it is known to all that in horse racing, size and age of the jockey matters a lot but Omani jockeys make their debut in this race at the age of five only. Unfortunately, camel races are not as popular as other activities but this is for sure that if you attend any of these camel races in Oman, you will definitely enjoy a lot and make your tour memorable.

You can ask about the camel race in Oman to your hotel staff as they have the right knowledge about it. They can also arrange transport facility too so that you reach the place without any hurdle. Enjoy and have an adventurous and memorable vacation in the impressive land of Oman.

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