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Luxury Hotel In Oman For A Perfect Getaway

The beauty of The Sultanate of Oman is unparalleled. The country is blessed with some of the best natural and man made features of the world. Mountain ranges like Jebel Shams, Jabal Bil Ays, Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Misht or deserts like Wahiba Sands, Bawshar Sands, Rub’al Khali, Ramlat Tawq or beaches such as Al Qurum Beach, Al Mughsayl Beach, Bandar Jissah, Musandam Beach, this country has them all. The man made features include some of the best 5 star hotels in Oman. These luxury resorts are beautiful and luxurious through and through.

The one luxury hotel in Oman that takes the first spot in the list of all the best 5 star hotels in Oman is Al Nahda Resort and Spa. This award-winning resort not only adds to the beauty of the whole country but provides an experience that’s hard to find in its contemporaries. Al Nahda Resort and Spa is that family resort in Oman that’s famous for having something for everyone, for people of all ages. This luxury villa in Oman is a must for people who wish to visit the Sultanate of Oman for a thrilling yet exotic experience.

Here is what makes Al Nahda Resort and Spa a fancy stay in Oman:

1. Greenery and Infrastructure

Spread in 30 acres of lush green land that previously used to be a mango orchard, this luxury villa in Oman provides freshness and greenery like never before. The beautifully constructed buildings and the villas add to the beauty. With greenery all around, people don’t just get to stay in nature’s lap but also, get to experience the freshness of the mango trees. The place is photogenic yet relaxing at the same time. The comfort provided by Al Nahda Resort and Spa is unmatched and that makes it one of the most desirable places in Oman to stay in.

2. Spa and Wellness

This luxury hotel in Oman is also equipped with an amazing spa facility that offers 65 types of treatments to its guests. Upon arrival, each guest is met with a wellness consultant who then explains the various spa treatments and activities programmes. The programme alone comprises yoga, spa treatments, fitness and other activities as well as spa cuisine. With so much to offer, Al Nahda Resort and Spa not only becomes one of the best 5 star hotels in Oman but also the best family resort in Oman.

3. Restaurants and Bar

Al Nahda Resort and Spa happens to have one of the best in house restaurants and bars in all of The Sultanate of Oman. The Khalab Restaurant is an all day dining restaurant that offers both, international buffet style and a la carte choices. Even the view that guests get from the Khalab Restaurant is something straight out of a fairy tale. The Waha Bar on the other hand is a thing of beauty. Filled with an exotic range of drinks, Waha Bar is perfect for both, pre or post dinner drinks. The ambience itself is comfortable enough to make anyone feel good and relaxed.

4. Luxury Suites

With 30 acres of land, Al Nahda Resort and Spa has 109 luxuriously appointed suites and free standing villa sets. The rooms in themselves are some of the largest ones in all of Oman. These suites or villas make Al Nahda Resort and Spa the best luxury villa in Oman. The suites are divided as such- 60 executive suites with spacious balcony, 8 suite royale with 2 bedrooms, spacious living, dining areas, kitchenettes and private balconies, and 41 premium suites with a small pantry and a spacious balcony. This family resort in Oman is perfect for a vacation.

New Year needs to be started in style and luxury. Explore Al Nahda Resort and Spa’s New Year Offer and book your stay now!

Christmas is the time of giving and gifting and hence, Al Nahda Resort and Spa is here with its Christmas Offer that’s going to brighten up your christmas.

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The Sultanate of Oman is one of those countries that should be one everyone’s wishlist. It has a lot to offer, especially in terms of resorts. Al Nahda Resort and Spa is one of those 5 star hotels in Oman that should be visited and explored for a luxurious stay.


Best Western Premier Hotels Muscat City, Oman

Muscat, capital of Oman, is situated on a harbour surrounded by volcanic mountains. The town is linked by road to the west and the south. The Portuguese invaded and occupied the city of Muscat and the adjacent coast in the sixteenth century but they were later defeated and thrown out. The advent of British Empire caused the unification of the Omani people who later defeated the British. The town’s architecture displays Arab, Portuguese, Persian, Indian, African, and modern Western inspirations. The sultan’s Indian-style palace is situated on the coastline. Muscat’s striking landscape and pleasant weather make it a nice place to spend few days.

best western premier hotels
premium hotel suite

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The finest foods in Muscat can be found in hotels but the local restaurants offer great food as well and you can meet the local Omani people who are very kind hearted and hospitable. There are many lodging choices available in Muscat. We welcome you to spend your precious time in Al Nahda Resort & Spa, which is situated among thirty acres of dense foliage.

An ideal haven for serenity and relaxation, it is one of the best western premier hotels in the city. There are more than 100 rooms in the resort which are among some of the largest rooms in Oman. You can choose from various options such as suite royale, premium hotel suite, and executive hotel suite. A perfect place to relax your mind, body and soul. Please visit our website for further details.

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Explore Different Types Of Restaurants in Oman

We have become more creative and artistic in approach.When it comes to hospitality industry, over the years it has grown steeply, not just in numbers but also creatively in the business to raise the bar of competition in the hospitality market. It is this shift from conventional restaurant system to modern and more creative system that we see a lot of new things coming on the table.Today we can find different types of restaurants, although without much of variation in the menu.Oman which has rapidly grown as a tourist destination has some fascinating restaurants, offering traditional Omani food along with various delicacies from different parts of the world.

Traditional Omani Food

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In Oman you can witness three different types of restaurants for their ambiance, setting and services.The first is Outdoor restaurants in Oman which are basically located in and around the beaches of the country to cater those visiting the beaches.Indoor restaurants are mostly located inside the city with obvious setting and ambiance for clandestine dinner.But what is more mystical and attractive in Oman is theme based restaurants which offer a setting on a given theme like rainforest themed restaurant, where the setting is based on jungle.

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Unwind Your Stress At Ayurvedic Health Resort

Health resort is a buzz word in and around tourism and hospitality industry. A number of people across the world are globetrotting to find a place where they find peace and relax themselves. The health resorts are mostly surrounded by beautiful landscape and sea. The nature’s lap, in its pristine self, is what most of the health resorts are situated at to give their visitors most refreshing atmosphere to unwind their body and mind.

Ayurvedic health resort
Ayurvedic health resort

The Ayurvedic health resort is one of the health resorts which are attracting a lot of visitors. Ayurveda is one of the finest medications available in the world which has no side effects because of its natural ingredients in all healing processes.

Muscat is growing as one of the luxurious destinations on the earth, blending modernity and traditional culture to develop the city in an amazing destination for travelling. In Ayurveda all diseases are manifestation of one’s mental health. This is why Ayurveda resorts are situated mostly under the beautiful landscape and serene environment, where the visitors and guests find themselves close to nature. The effect of nature with spa treatment, the health resorts provide the best healing process for body and mind.

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Family Hotel Oman: A perfect destination to spend time with family

World loves fine dinning. It is not the quality of the food that matters but also the ambiance, the services and hospitality of the hotel which matters and concerns to those who often go out for food with their families. Best of hotels always try to meet the demands of their customers. It is this concern and demand which has led the foundation of family hotels and restaurants across the world, making the eating place so that families can have a peaceful and relaxing time together while having food.

Al Nahda a Family Hotel in Oman
Al Nahda a Family Hotel in Oman

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Since Oman has developed itself as one of the finest destinations when it comes to hospitality there is a remarkable thing which makes it a delightful place. The country offers some of incredible family hotels which offer quality food and highly sophisticated ambiance and family environment to make the whole affair of ‘dinning’ unforgettable.

There are a number of family hotels in Oman who have earned a name in serving delectable food along with top of the line services. The quality and experience of the chefs has made the family hotel Oman an interesting place to spend time with family, munching some delicious delicacies prepared with utmost finesse.

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