Staying In Executive Hotel Suite In Muscat

Every hotel likes to give that Midas touch to its guest and make their experience unforgettable. When it comes to staying in a luxurious hotel, the romantic ambience and spacious rooms along with the quality services is frequently named as the golden touch to entire experience of staying in a hotel. Probably, it is not particularly conceivable in spending plan and low end inns. Such experience needs a sprawling and picturesque setting which only incredible hotels can offer. People who go out on business tours and travel for leisure they always look for hotels that can provide them a princely hospitality.


Since there are an increasing number of travellers heading towards the Middle East for business and leisure purposes, Omani capital city Muscat for its incredible setting, hospitable character and delicious food offers an exclusive platter of business and pleasure to its visitors.

Most of the visitors heading towards Oman, specifically Muscat would be concerned about finding a good place to stay and spent their vacation or trip in calmness and entertaining way. What could be a better proposition than staying in an executive hotel suit in one of the best hotels of city? Nothing can beat the kind of setting the hotels in Muscat has to offer to its guests. The hotels unimaginably offers not just executive hotel suite but sprawling garden, mouth watering delicacies and unbeatable services along with heart felting sight of monuments, heritage and history to its guests.


The executive hotel suite in most of the hotels in Muscat is designed for comfort and convenience, decorated with fine local tradition to add uniqueness with influential art decoration to meet the taste of every guest. Each of the luxurious suits in Muscat offers a grand view of its magnificent mountain, pristine beaches and garden. The other services which leisure and business travellers desire alike is high-speed internet access, spacious and plush accommodation is all perfectly intertwined together to give Muscat suites and hotels a perfect delight for both, business and leisure travellers.

The Sultanate of Oman has developed its character as a travelling destination. For luxury travellers, Muscat, the capital city of Oman is no less than a heaven on the earth. Forget a while about the executive hotel suite which offers a sensually romantic and enlightening accommodation, Muscat has much more to offer to the travellers. It is a business destination where all kind of trade takes place. Its harbors are full with business people trading on various goods and commodities. For leisure, the Muscat is gift for eyes. It heritage, monuments, mountains, sea, beaches and gardens beats up all the luxurious travelling destinations of the world.

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Top 5 Luxurious Hotels & Resorts in Sultanate of Oman

There are a number of Luxury hotels in Oman, few of them are world class and offer all the modern amenities along the glimpses of rich Omani tradition and culture in its architecture. A vacation turns memorable with the kind of hotel you choose for your stay and luxury hotels make it one of a life time experience.

More or less sultanate of Oman has gained the reputation of being a luxurious destination among the travellers into the Middle East. In the last few years there has been a steep rise in the hospitality sector, a number of hotels and resorts have come up to meet the demand of the ever increasing number of travellers touching the Omani shores for business and leisure purposes. The country is rich in many different ways. If it has an ancient setting with a great heritage, it also has a picturesque surrounding with long range of mountains, deserts and springs along with beautiful beaches. Oman in one word is a nature’s gift to the Middle East and to the world. This is one good reason which attracts many people across the world to Oman.


However, to enjoy a vacation in Oman, you will need a comfortable and peaceful place to stay and there cannot be any good place than luxury hotels which offers best quality of services along with modern amenities that you as a guest and visitor would like to see at your place of stay. There are a number of beautiful Luxury Hotels in Oman that will fulfill your desire of staying at a beautiful place.

Here are some Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Oman where you can spend your vacation under a majestic surrounding.

Six Senses Zighy Bay: If you are planning a visit to Oman, make sure you check on some of the hotels and resorts popular for their services and hospitality. Six Senses Zighy Bay is one of the most popular luxury hotels in Oman that is fully equipped with all modern amenities that you will need at your stay. This hotel offers 81 villas and suites which is suitable for every family. Moreover it offers a great view of the Musandam peninsula.

Al Nahda Resort & Spa: The Luxury resort is famous for tranquility and relaxation environment. The resort has luxury 109 rooms which are designed as an apartment with free-standing villa and bungalow styles and boast some of the largest rooms in Oman. The resort also has restaurants and bars to make more suitable and luxurious for travelers.

The Chedi Muscat: The hotel blends tradition with modernity. The Chedi Muscat is one of the luxury hotels in Oman which is located in Muscat with beautiful and exotic design. At his luxury hotel you are assure of getting delicious food in your meals. The resort houses 151 rooms and suites with a number of restaurants.

Shangri -La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa: Shangri La chain of hotels run across different part of Oman. It is one of the most popular hotel resorts in the country located at Al Bandar, Al Husn and Al Waha. All three places offer different numbers of luxurious rooms facing sea and Gulf of Oman, making the stay all more exciting.

Al Bustan Palace Intercontinental Muscat: Elegance is the name of the game in the hospitality sector and when it comes to luxury hotels it becomes more important. This hotel offers sports and other different outdoor activities to keep the guests and visitors entertained.

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Adventure At Its Best With Camel Racing in Oman

If you really want to absorb the nature and character of Oman you shall visit the country and be witness to the fascinating races on the map. Camel racing in Oman is a traditional sport. It is privileged with the fact that camels play an important role in the lives of people in the country.

Adventure is the name of the game. When you are out in Oman for a vacation you will be thrilled to know that you will have enough of opportunity to indulge in adventure sport. Not always as an adventurist but as a spectator, watching from sideline to high adrenaline game of racing. Since we are used to watching machines zooming past on the tracks in F1 and MotoGP, this one is in startling contrast. If you have ever heard of Camel racing, you would have liked to witness it at least once in your lifetime.


Oman is surely and successfully gaining its place on the world’s tourism map with the recent development in the country. A lot of modern architectures have come up to attract visitors and to further boost the tourism in the country numerous facilities are provided to the visitors. However one shall not forget that Oman carries a rich culture and tradition. The Arabian region is often described as one of the countries which are highly gifted by nature. There is an abundance of natural sight to soak, from deserts to mountains to beaches. But there is something which you would like to witness is the camel racing in Oman. It is one of the traditional sports in the country which attracts millions of tourists to the region.

Although camel racing is not limited to Oman but it is one of the sports which is quite popular in the Arab region for its allegiance with camels. We all know that camels are called ‘Ship of Desert’ for their natural capabilities of running on sand and walk days without food and water. It is this reason camels are an indispensable part of life in Oman and other countries of the Middle East.

Camel Racing in Oman

What makes camels indispensable among Arabs, especially the Bedouins (the aborigines of the region)? It is the patience of the animal which has won the Arab’s heart, for them, they call camels Ata Allah, or God’s gift, and it is the character makes it more understandable.

To rejoice the camel’s affinity with the people of Arabs, the Oman government organizes the camel racing event every year at different parts of the country to strengthen the relationship of camels with the Arab people.

Camel racing in Oman and in other Middle Eastern countries began thousands of years ago but it was never organized but recently it was made more proper and special tracks were developed to make it more attractive. The government of Oman has given special attention to the Camel Racing in Oman to make it a tourism attraction for the world to see and absorb the country’s tradition and culture.

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Why Oman Is A Best Place For Holidays In Middle East

Travelling around the globe is like an enjoying luxury life and luxurious travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea. Since there are many luxurious destinations on the map one will not find easy to choose a place where he/she can get what he/she actually wants to explore. Hence it is necessary for a traveller to do some research Online or discuss with the travel agents for a place where everything is just ‘luxury’ to absorb. When you have decided and mark a place to visit the first concern which comes to mind is the accommodation. Not long ago Middle East countries didn’t appear on the map when it came to luxurious travelling but the time has changed now. Infrastructure development and an eye to attracting tourists Middle East countries have to build a number of fine resorts to offer visitors a kind of peaceful and homely environment.


Nowadays, Oman is one of the preferable destination for holidays in the Middle East. Oman resorts offer some incredible services to its visitors. There is a lot to experience. The resorts offer Ayurvedic Spa, peaceful surrounding, natural glare, picturesque view of the beaches and a lot more to bring peace to the visitors. The resorts offer its visitors a blend of a modern and traditional speck of Oman in its hospitality.


Oman is one of the oldest civilizations on the Arabian Peninsula and home to the legend of Arabian Nights. It is an exciting and beautiful tourist destination, a perfect getaway during chilly winters. The Sultanate is truly a concoction of exoticism, mysticism, delicious food and the hospitality of its people. The land of this wonderful nation occupied with white sand beaches with swaying date palms, desert dunes, and majestic mountain ranges are sure to put a spell on anyone who enters it.

Let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about this magical country:

– Oman is officially known as the ‘Sultanate of Oman’.
– The system of Absolute Monarchy is followed in Oman. There are no presidents or prime ministers.
– The capital city, Muscat is also the nation’s largest city.
– Ibadi Muslims constitute major population in Oman. The minority groups are filled with Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi etc.
– Besides Arabic, which is the official language of Oman, English, Hindi and other dialects are also spoken here.
– The first ever mention of Oman as Omana was made by Yalanious who lived from 23-79 A.D.
– Many centuries ago, Oman was the home to shipbuilding.
– Oman, in the past, was one of the wealthiest nations of the world.
– People here believe that the legendary city of Ubar got buried under the desert because too much wealth drove its people away from religion.
– The national flag of Oman was adopted in 1971.
– The gates of this wonderful nation were opened in 1990 for the tourists.
– UNESCO chooses an Omani citizen every two years, for his or her contribution towards the environment and that chosen one then receives an award from the Sultan of Oman.

This country is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for tourists. The best time to visit this majestic land is from September till March. There are tons of activities to do here and the food is simply delicious. You can see the Arabic architecture in its traditional form here.


Food and lodging facilities are quite good in the Sultanate’s capital city, the restaurants serve delicious food and you can easily find some great restaurant in Oman. There are lots of delicious dishes to try but a visit to Oman is incomplete if you don’t get invited by locals to drink Kawah (Omani coffee), which is usually served with dates. The hospitality of the people is amazing.

The crime rate in this part of the globe is very low with the exception of petty crimes like theft etc. and violent crimes seldom happen here. It is one of the most or perhaps the most peaceful nation in the Middle Eastern region. A great place to visit and make some fresh and beautiful memories.

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Experiencing Oman – Coolest Place For Holidays

The country Oman is gaining the reputation as a luxurious and safest destination for the holidays. Thanks to the Omani government to uplift the Oman tourism around the world. The country has beautiful landscape formed by the Arabian Sea in the southeast and the Gulf of Oman. The most stunning and cleanest beaches of Oman are popular amongst travellers and covers 1700km coastline. Today, all the major hotels, resorts, and restaurants have started establishing their business besides the beaches that give a chance to travellers to enjoy a unique view of the sea. The sprawling resorts, hotels, and amusement parks is a perfect place for the holiday. In the last few years, a lot of spa resorts have opened in Oman to attract travellers in the country to enjoy their hospitality services.

beautiful landscape

Oman is a beautiful place with a serene and peaceful environment. Oman has natural treasure such as Sensational beaches, wadis, spectacular mountains, caves, deserts and much more. Its breathtaking beauty is a highly visited destination by the tourist in the Middle East. The reason behind of visitors to travel Oman are:

Oman Diversity
Mostly, houses and buildings in Oman are white in color which is surrounded by huge mountains. The traditional fish market is an interesting part of Oman culture and it attracts tourists. It’s an Islamic country, so forts are everywhere in Oman including castles and some ruins from history. Wadis and sand dunes are also a part of Oman diversity and an excellent place for adventure lovers.

Omani people

Omani Simplicity
About the people who lived there are Muslims and just adorable in nature. The friendly behavior and their smiling faces make you smile. Actually, Omani people are very simple to exclude few crazily decorated houses and fancy cars.

Spacious Oman
The traveller always looks for an idle destination for holidays for relaxing from busy life. Oman gave you spacious feeling because Oman population is not much high. Not too many tourists, big beaches areas, and desert that gives you a chance to spend some peaceful time. Visitors can also enjoy off-road driving and camping.


Where To Stay In Oman
In Oman, there are various accommodation facilities around the beaches or in town. So, before traveling to Oman, you should know about the better deal of hotels and resorts. Some towns have “local” hotels and resorts that are cheaper which may be suitable for many tourists but luxurious resort are best for accommodation and peaceful environment to relax.

If you talk about luxury and comfortable stay in Oman “Al Nahda Resort & Spa” always persists in the chain of best luxurious hotels and resorts in Muscat which offer great services and unparallel comfort with a structure to die for.

5 Most Beautiful Views of Oman

Whether your motive is to relax or explore the natural beauty, Oman will be your favorite spot for holidays. It’s a part of an Arab country, located in the southwest Asia. If you are addicted to traveling then definitely Oman abundant beauty attracts you. Oman has an excellent infrastructure, outstanding landscapes, beautiful beaches, Mountains and much more. In Oman, winters are more favorable time for travelers to enjoy the magic of nature.

Here, we have mentioned most beautiful view of Oman:

Bimmah Sinkhole – Natural Waterpark

Bimmah Sinkhole

An amazing Bimmah Sinkhole is a mysterious destination for many tourists located in the middle of Hajar mountains. Travelers are confused about the theory of the creation of Bimmah Sinkhole. A complete natural waterpark but It’s very hard for people to assume the deepness of this natural pool. The story behind Bimmah sinkhole, it was formed because of a meteorite. But, some people believes that it was a created by a natural process of erosion.

Ras Al Hadd Beach – A Unique Experience

Ras Al Hadd
Beach is an always best and exciting place for many visitors but Ras Al- Hadd is different from other beaches. To see turtles laying their eggs or hatching them is the biggest part of the attraction for many tourists. Each year more than 20,000 female turtles reached to Ras Al Hadd beach to lay their eggs. The island’s clear waters also attract divers and snorkellers.

Wadi Al Abyad – Famous for Adventure

Wadi Al Abyad
Wadi Al Abyad is located in South Al Batinah, Oman. It’s just under an hour drive from Muscat, International Airport. Wadi Al Abyad is the more recommended destination for adventurous activity which includes trekking, hiking, and some natural water pool with crystal clear water. The environment of Wadi Al Abyad is very pleasant and relaxing spot for Families.

Wahiba Sands, Oman

Wahiba Sands
The Wahiba Sands is also known as Sharqiya Sands, a most visited place by desert lover in Oman. The Wahiba Sands covers most of the part of Oman. The fact of Wahiba desert is that it covers 180km from south-north and 80 km from west-east. Here, visitors can enjoy and experience the desert life. They can also enjoy the wide range of deserts activities that includes desert night camp, desert safari, sand surfing, quad biking and much more.

Al Hajar Mountain – A Hidden Jewel

Al Hajar Mountain
If you are planning an off road trip in Oman, Al Hajar Mountain is an amazing option for you. The route of Al Hajar mountain is all about views and thrill. It will give you a unique experience through your journey. But, before packing your bags to Al Hajar Mountain range few things need to be considered, weather should be clean, need to take enough water, a spare tire, filled up the gas tank and make sure car should be 4wd.

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7 Amazing Places- Every Traveler Should Explore In Oman

Sometimes travelers got bored to choose same places for vacation again and again. Each year, tourists search for beautiful and amazing places on the internet for holidays. People like to visit at paradise places with families and friends. If you are looking for a change, Oman is the best option for you. Oman is an enigmatic country for many tourists because people don’t talk a lot about it. But, the reality of Oman is very different. It fulfills all wishes of every traveler and has all natural wonders that can attract any traveler, especially those who likes nature or unique places across the world. For the visitor, it’s an amazing holiday spot to unwind and relax in Oman. Omanis are very friendly, generous and hospitable people. Here are the reasons why Oman should be on your travel list:

Musandam Fjords Oman

Musandam FjordsMusandam is a small part of Oman, located at the tip of the Arabian peninsula. Khasab is a major city of Musandam. Khasab is popular for the natural beauty that includes huge desert mountains and breathtaking fjords which are famous for boating. During Khasab tour, people can enjoy Khasab fortress, dolphin safari as well as Dhow (Traditional Omani Boat).

Muscat – Capital of Oman
The capital of Oman is a clean, modern, peaceful and relaxing destination. Omanis are very traditional in dress and friendly as compared to other Arab countries. Muscat is famous for Grand Mosque, luxurious Desert Nights Camp, Mutrah Souq (old market), etc.

Beautiful Masirah Island

kitesurfingMasirah Island has located in Central Coastal Oman. It is a heaven for kitesurfers. Here you can see the rare breed of turtles laying eggs and other species. In Masirah island, there are 4-star hotels, resorts and restaurants are available for visitors. But, the island is not popular for tourist activities. It’s a perfect place for those who wants to experience a real desert island and spend some time alone.

Full of Adventure-Jebel Akhdar Mountain

Jebel Akhdar MountainThe Jebel Akhdar Mountains are the most spectacular areas of Oman. It’s a part of Al Hajar Mountains range, which covers approx. 300Km. If you are traveling through Jebel Akhdar Mountain, drivers should take care of the tracks because roads are more suitable for 4wd cars. A chance for tourists to experience the most beautiful landscape of Oman with full of adventure.

Samail Castle

samail castleSamail Castle is the most beautiful and greatest historical constructions of Oman. The castle is surrounded by huge mountains, palm trees and has many rooms and wooden stand cannons which undoubtedly attracts many travelers. Just few kilometer drive from Muscat to Al Dakhiliyah Region.

Al Hazm Town and Village Oman

Al Hazm Town and villageDuring 1123 A.H.–1711 A.D, Imam Sultan bin Seif (the 2nd.) establish Al Hazm town as a capital of Oman including Al Hazm fort, located in Welayat Rustaq. It’s an outstanding example of Omani architecture. Al Hazm is a place of the big fortress and various ruins of an old village. Al Hazm town is known for amazing surrounding which includes green palm trees and desert mountains.

Omani Deserts

Oman DesertOman’s Desert are the most popular spot for visitors because of various sporting activities which includes quad biking, desert safari, camel riding, sand boarding and much more. If you who wants to enjoy the holiday in the desert. Oman gives you best option for the luxury desert holiday.

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