5 Things That Go Into Making an Extra-Ordinary Vacation

Are you heading to Oman for your vacation this year? Well, no doubt it is going to be one-of-a-kind. Vacations are undoubtedly a wonderful way to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of urban lives that we lead. And, it is certainly a great idea to replenish our body and soul by visiting a tranquil destination like Oman. Here are 5 things that will make your trip to Oman exemplary.

1. Beautiful Location


The echoing beauty of nature restores balance in our lives, and make us mesmerised. It cleanses and rejuvenates our sole and make us ready for a fresh start. If in Oman, Muscat to be precise, choose a resort that is situated amidst greenery. My stay destination was Al Nahda Resort & Spa, which is located in an oasis of thirty acres of gardens. This place let me enjoy the grace of nature and a complete package of tranquillity.

2. Soothing Atmosphere


A perfect vacation calls for a relaxing and calm environment. Find a peaceful space where you can unfold your baggage and breathe in all the positivity around you. A place that offers an opportunity to get indulged with yoga and meditation around lush greenery can surely be a fabulous add-on.

3. Spa Services


Who does not want to be treated like royalty, while getting their body healed? Make sure your resort offers spa services, so that you can release your stress of hectic adventure and feel refreshed. Al Nahda Resort & Spa is a well-known Spa Resort In Oman. It has its exclusive URU spa that soothes and rejuvenates your body, and make you take an affinity with your soul.

4. Delectable Cuisine


Vacations are synonymous to delicious food. What can be more exciting to taste the distinctive gastronomes that delight your senses. I enjoyed some lip-smacking authentic local cuisines at Al Nahda Resort & Spa, which turned my vacation into an even more enjoyable one.
5. Shopping and Entertainment


(National museum in Muscat)

There are countless entertainment options in Oman. You can visit national museum in Muscat to see the magnificent Omani culture and stuff from the past centuries. It would be a complete trip to Oman culture at once. Moreover, you can also visit Royal Opera House, Sultan Qaboos, and many more places to chill. Also, do not forget to visit Mutrah Souq market in Muscat for your shopping needs.

The great thing is that there are many spa resorts in Oman. You can choose the one that fulfils all your needs in the most luxurious way. And, do not forget to keep the above mentioned points in mind, when planning a trip or stay in Oman.


Rev Up The Zeal Of Any Occasion At Al Nahda Resort And Spa

Celebrations are certainly ecstatic, especially if the setting is all the more fun and thrilling. There are so many things that go into making a perfect event, including stunning venue, mouth-watering food, good ambience, and a perfect music.
We have currently entered 2019 and have experienced oodles of celebration every now and then. But, the celebrations never stop, or say the pretext of doing it!

We, the party freak people track down an excuse for celebrating an event at any swing of the time. To lit up the zeal of partying and enjoying with a never ending hoop of enthusiasm, Al Nahda offers a perfect place. Just in case you missed, the resort currently organized a high-spirited party at its property and its excitement pervaded the air around the city.


It was themed as Bollywood night because of the Indian flavor of music. The frisky mash ups and remix shrouded the dance floor with energy and fun.
Two celebrated DJ’s (DJ Pooja and Dj Warren X) added fire to the floor and made the event talk of the town.

Since, the event was one of the exclusive new year events in Oman, a large amount of guest requests flooded in to get lucky for the invitations.

Not just the New Year, but Al Nahda celebrates and let you celebrate any special occasion like it is their own. The resort loves the diligence of partying and thus, make sure each and every guest visiting them leave them with thousands of cheerful memories and reasons to show up again.

Let’s Get To The Point, All The Foodies!

Al Nahda, resort and spa has a reputation for cooking the most appetizing savories and food. You’ll be drooling dizzy over the distinctive food options they have to offer you. The resort knows how to make the customers drool over food, and for that their veteran chefs leave no stone unturned.

Wait, there’s more. If you love to party and groove under the open sky with the wind warbling for you, then there is an open lawn ambi-setting. And, for those who wish to jive within closed ambiance, there is an indoor settee as well.
You will be left with no reason why not to visit Al Nahda Resort and Spa again. Let them assist you in planning any special occasion wrapped up with out-of-the-ordinary charm and heated fun.

Wellness and Health Resort in Oman! How to spot the best one?

The word spa evokes pictures of long days loaded up with mud showers and contemplation classes, impeccably arranged spa potions, and fragrant eucalyptus forests. Be that as it may, spas appear to be all over the place: strip shopping centers, town retail facades.

What’s more, what spa implied in the nineteenth and mid twentieth century—a health resort revolved around mineral springs where guests could accept a solution—has advanced in the cutting edge period. Today it implies a place to get kneads facials, body scours and different administrations in either multi day spa or medium-term setting.

Spa today is more of a rejuvenation and relaxation of body and mind. The techniques of performing the procedure have been evolved too, and indeed, in a better way. With more exclusive techniques and equipment available, spa services have become even more soothing and comforting. And, with its high popularity, various luxury resorts are offering it to their guests.

One such resort in Oman that has an exclusive range of spa services to make your vacation restful is Al Nahda Resort & Spa. Let’s talk about the resort and the services it has to blow your mind away.

Al Nahda Resort& Spa: Best spa and wellness resort in Oman

The perplexity comes in light of the fact that the qualifications that the spa business used to pass on what sort of experiences the visitor could expect have turned out to be obscured. Conventional goal spas offering a vivid health encounter currently call themselves spa resorts. Then again, conventional hotel spas have included more well being choices like exercise classes, fitness coaches, even meetings with integrative medicinal experts.


In any case, on the off chance that you like to go to spas or are simply pondering going out of the blue, it merits understanding the diverse sorts of spas and how the marks are being played with so you have the sort of experience you’re anticipating.

What makes Al Nahda Resort & Spa so special?

Day Spas

This is where you can get typically at any rate, back rub, and facials, on multi day-visit premise. About 80% of spas are day spas, yet they aren’t the entire equivalent. Day spas incorporate spots like Back rub Jealousy, a minimal effort chain which has no locker rooms or robes since you uncover in the room. Once in a while little neighborhood spas with a couple of rooms have this equivalent model.

41-nahda Eram Spa 04 head massage

Goal Spas

This little yet select and very persuasive gathering of spas dedicated to giving a vivid health encounter. The entire condition is equipped to advancing a sound way of life, with heaps of activity classes, addresses went for physical and mental well being, and unique intrigue programs, for example, climbing.

They offer a cordial environment that is ideal for the single explorer. They are age-confined; for the most part, youngsters 16 and over are permitted.

The precarious thing about goals spas is that despite the fact that everybody in the business recognizes what the term implies.

Resort and Inn Spas

During the 1990s, numerous retreats and lodgings started putting in spas so visitor could appreciate a back rub close by different joys like golf, tennis, and swimming (the great retreat understanding), or while remaining in an inn for business or delight.

As spas have turned out to be more vital, so have the spas in resorts and lodgings. Many hotel spas have included a sound program of activity classes (as a rule for a charge however in some cases included). They have recreation centers and now and again fitness coaches available. Some have even included well being focuses that are explicitly gone for enhancing well being.

Mineral Springs Spa

These spas offer an on-location wellspring of common mineral, warm or seawater that are utilized in hydrotherapy medications. It is the notable foundation of the spa encounter when individuals ventured out to mineral waters for their medical advantages. This spa culture achieved its pinnacle in the nineteenth century when the affluent assembled at expound joy castles to see and be seen.

Restorative Spas

A restorative spa is a cross breed between a medicinal center and multi day spa that works under the supervision of therapeutic specialist.

Club Spas

These are spa situated in a wellness club, similar to Equinox. Its main role is wellness, however it offers professionally regulated spa benefits on multi day-utilize premise. Non-individuals are welcome.

Experience a variety of treatments and spa therapies in the Al Nahda Resorts & Spa. Choose from diverse options to put your body through a transcendental journey from soreness to energetic rejuvenation.

Benefit from a lavish spa treatment at URU Spa of Al Nahda Resort and Spa

As the mercury is rising day by day, your body is in dire need to relax and rejuvenate. Summers are especially hard on a skin with long exposure in sun causing tanning, dryness, and sunburn. But there is a miraculous cure for all these skin ailments: a relaxing spa. A spa can be extremely beneficial for your skin. So, take some time out and have a relaxing Spa break to rejuvenate your senses.

Uru spa

URU spa is a unique and special approach towards the rejuvenation techniques of healing body, mind, and soul. Also, it is available with only a few of the resorts in Oman, and guess what, Al Nahda Resort & Spa is one of them.

If you are in Muscat, you can easily book URU spa, at Al Nahda Resort and Spa, for an invigorating Spa experience. Being one of the best spas in Oman, you can rely on spa experts to make you feel most relaxed.

A spa treatment can not only heal the effects of sun but also prevent early signs of aging, thus enhancing your looks. A spa is an all-over body treatment which stimulates cell renewal, makes your skin more resilient thus preventing wrinkles and all forms of aging, and improves the overall skin tone. URU is one of the best spas in Oman where you can indulge in various divine spa therapies. This luxury spa resort in Oman ensures that the high mineral content in spa treatments flush out toxins from your skin to give you a radiating glow. Also, the dull surface cells get removed to reveal soft, supple skin underneath.

You will be surprised to know that some spa treatments are designed to reduce fat also. For instance, full body wraps help in metabolizing fat cells thereby decreasing your cellulite. Some body wraps are comprised of coffee which provides both stimulation and a vigorous scrub to revitalize your skin.

41-nahda Eram Spa 04 head massage

If you are looking for total relaxation in a serene environment, URU spa is the one for you. With a wide range of total body treatment packs available, you can choose the best for your skin and body with the help of a professional Spa therapist.

URU Spa is award-winning spa center and known for providing the best Spa treatment in Oman. At URU spa, you can choose from 65 treatments which are designed to promote a perfect balance between body, mind, and soul. The spa team is quite friendly and your comfort is their priority.

With its mystic fusion of traditional Middle East wellness techniques and contemporary massages, URU spa invites you to pamper yourself with a relaxing and reinvigorating spa. For once, you can forget the world and embrace a world of tranquility and peace. So, pack your bags, put on your travel shoes, and head to this paradise of serenity and luxury.

Rejuvenate yourself at the luxurious Uru Spa in Oman

Are you bogged down from a jet lag or by the daily rituals of life? If yes, then you have to take a refreshing spa break right this moment. Although not largely known, Oman is the land of secret ancient spa treatment that will infuse you with zeal and leave you brimming with vigor.

41-nahda Eram Spa 04 head massage

A one-time visit to Uru Spa in Al-Nahda Resorts and Spa will get you hooked on it because of its out-of-this-world rejuvenation program. Oman, a beautiful desert country, is also a home to world’s most renowned spa treatments which guarantees a full-body relief. Uru spa is one such spa treatment in Oman.

Nestled in an oasis of thirty acres of gardens, Al Nahda Resorts, and Spa, which encases Uru Spa provides unmatched tranquility and relaxation. With such sprawling greens in sight, the location itself will melt away half of your cares of the world. You will be thrilled to know about the unique individual treatment given to each guest who has enrolled in the magical spa therapy.

Uru spa, one of the best spa in Oman, has well qualified Wellness Consultants who greet you on arrival and discuss the various spa programs available. Each individual program is made up of spa treatments meant for relaxation, beauty and medical ailments. With mounting pressure from our everyday lives, we tend to overlook ourselves. In demanding situations like this, an immersive wellness program can allay bad-health. Here are some scientifically proven health benefits of spa. You can choose the program which suits you the most. Most of the treatments are a blend of the traditional and new therapies to give you the maximum benefit. Moreover, the spa team provides you with first-class care in a relaxed and tranquil environment.

This luxury resort spa in Oman is well equipped with luxurious treatment rooms, hammam, yoga room and spa cuisine to take care of all your wellness needs. Fitness freaks can indulge in a rejuvenating yoga and fitness therapy for relaxation of mind and soul.

d GYM (3)

So, while relaxing on pristine beaches or exploring the vast deserts of Oman, you can also take time out to revel in the luxurious spa therapy of Uru spa. Your mind and body will be so relaxed through the spa program that you can fully enjoy the unique experience of sleeping under the glittering stars in the desert or shopping in colorful souks. Even the diving spots will feel magical to you.

If you think that spa treatment in Oman is only for women who want to look beautiful, you are mistaken. Spa therapy is for anyone who cares about looking younger, well-groomed or feeling relaxed. Pampering programs are catering to the needs of men as well and are a commonplace nowadays. Additionally, spa treatments are not a lonely individualistic experience anymore. Dedicated spas cater to couples, friends or relatives as well. Spas have now turned into pampering retreats for people to spend quality time with each other. Some spas even offer childcare facilities so that parents can have free time to pamper themselves with spa treatments.

Thus, for complete rejuvenation, revitalization, and renewal, just visit Uru Spa individually or with friends and relatives as it is one of the most peaceful spa retreats in Oman.

Experience Ramadan festivities while in Oman

Planning to visit Oman during the summer months? If so, you must know that May and June are really auspicious months for Muslims as they celebrate Ramadan during this period. So, consider yourself lucky to witness such a holy event in Oman.

Ramadan Kareem

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most important months for Muslims. It is believed that during this month Prophet Mohammed revealed Quran to the Muslims. During this month, all healthy Muslims fast from dawn to sunset to refrain from food, drink, tobacco or any kind of intimacy. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, the other four pillars being faith, prayer, charitable giving and pilgrimage to Makkah.

The meal taken by Muslims before dawn is called Suhoor and the meal took after sunset is called Iftar. Many restaurants of Oman prepare these meals with great devotion.


One of the best family resorts in Oman, Al Nahda Resorts and Spa introduces great offers for Iftar gatherings at their Khalab restaurant. The food prepared by expert chefs consists of authentic traditional Omani cuisine. Khalab Restaurant is one of best venues for Iftar celebration. The ambiance of the restaurant is just apt for a peaceful gathering with friends, family, and colleagues. Omani people are quite friendly during Ramadan and you will surely get an invitation to one of their Iftar gatherings.

During the mornings of Ramadan, the Oman landscape has a serenity which can’t be described in words. With such a peaceful setting, you can enjoy sightseeing to the fullest. Relish the calm mountains, desert, forts, and beaches of Oman peacefully while you can. As night falls, there is a complete change in the environment. The streets fill with the hustle and bustle of people as they come out for prayers and end their fasts with Iftar.

You will be able to watch the customs and rituals of Ramadan unfold in front of you while you enjoy your dinner at Khalab restaurant. If you have come to stay at Al Nahda Resorts and Spa with kids, you will find that it’s the most kids friendly resort in Oman. Thus, your kids can also become aware of the sacred festival of Ramadan while visiting Oman.






Top Five Excellent Rating Resorts in Oman By TripAdvisor


In case you are on a fervent look out for an excellent rated resort in Oman, we are providing you the list of the top five resorts in the country as rated by TripAdvisor.

Blog Image

Al Nahda Resorts and Spa: If you are looking for ultimate relaxation amidst tranquil surroundings, Al Nahda resort is the right choice for you. Nestled amidst thirty acres of mango orchards, this luxury resort consists of 109 rooms. These rooms are in the form of free-standing villa, apartment and stylish bungalows. Besides, the resort boasts of a unique Uru spa which offers 31 treatments for wellness and healing. Apart from these therapies, the award-winning spa offers a host of signature treatments which offer you relaxing and rejuvenating experiences.

Six Senses Zighy Bay: Located on Oman’s northern Musandam Peninsula, Six Senses Zighy Bay is an ultra-luxurious resort. This beautiful indigenous resort is just two hours from Dubai and has its own private marina. With spectacular mountains on one side and sandy beach on the other side, this resort gives a feeling of much needed seclusion. Although styled as a village, this luxury resort offers all the comforts and elegance of a sophisticated resort. The accommodations are constructed in traditional Omani style with high ceilings, cloudlike bed and colorful living area cushioned for comfort.

Shangri-La Al Husn: The rugged interior mountains and the magnificent waters of the Gulf of Oman provide an excellent backdrop to the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa. Located in the bay at Barr Al Jissah, the resort is divided into three hotels: kids-free Al Husn, Al Bandar and Al Waha (first family hotel of Oman). Among all three, Al Husn provides the highest level of services and facilities. The 180 rooms and suites are set in a décor which is a blend between Arabian palaces artworks and genuine Omani artworks.

Alila Jabal Akhdar: Set amidst the Al Hajar mountains range, Alila Jabal Akhdar offers a magnificent view of the untouched landscape. It is a perfect place for nature lovers who wish a escape from the desert heat. Arranged in clusters of 4 to 6 suites, the resort’s 78 beautiful suites and villas are located on a clifftop providing uninterrupted mountain gazing and maximum privacy to its guests.

The Chedi: If you are looking for quite luxury with minimalist design, you can always seek out The Chedi. One of the first ultra-sleek and stylish resorts on the Gulf of Oman, it is nestled amidst 21 acres of splendidly landscaped gardens. All its 158 tastefully decorated rooms provide an unhindered view of vibrant gardens, sparkling waters and dramatic mountains. The amenities at The Chedi include a long pool, six unique restaurants and a grand Balinese spa.

Hence, make your vacation most memorable by residing in any of these five luxury resorts.


Resorts in Muscat: Events and Offers At Our Resort in Oman

Tourists have uncountable reasons to come to Oman as the country has taken huge strides in terms of infrastructure development over the past decade and so. This has led to a steep rise in the number of luxury resorts in Muscat and other parts of Oman. The tourists are also pouring in from all over the world as Oman is quite a safe city and is away from terrorism and chaos that most Muslim countries are facing today.


To make your stay in Oman even more exciting and comfortable, luxury resorts in Oman like Al Nahda Resorts and Spa always come up with new offers and all-inclusive packages. Al Nahda Resort & Spa is a place which encourages guests to unwind in peace, and soothing setting, with suites, restaurants and other facilities offering every conceivable convenience and comfort.

The resort offers the perfect ambiance that promises high-end amenities and is sure to impress your clients. You can plan your business meetings at Al Nahda Resort & spa and rest assured of a rewarding experience. You can also enjoy a leisurely swimming session in the pool to refresh yourself and savor mock tails by the poolside while splashing water. The resort is nestled in a mango orchard. It is a place where you can enjoy quality delicacies & personalized service in a comfortable & welcoming ambiance.

Food & Wellness

A passion for the region and a flair for the season are the elements that drive the menu at Khalab Restaurant which is located at the resort. The menu may change from time to time, but it never ceases to hit the right notes with your palates. You will find cuisines ranging from Omani and Indian to Italian and American.

Apart from great food, you get all the facilities to ensure your well-being. There is an in-house gym as well as an award-winning Spa where the professional masseuses offer a wide range of wellness therapies.


Offers and Packages

The resort has several offers and packages running throughout the year and especially during the festive seasons. Availing these offers will let you enjoy amazing discounts on stay, food and other amenities in the resort.

For every tourist who wishes to experience the rich Omani culture and at the same time enjoy nature from close quarters should definitely visit Oman. Staying in a resort like Al Nahda Resort & Spa will only enhance their happiness during the trip.

Resorts in Oman: A Trip To Remember

Oman is a country that deserves all the accolades it is getting today. Whether it is infrastructure, industries, living standard or tourism, the country has taken big strides in all departments. Under the able guidance of the Sultan, Oman has developed itself as a heaven for tourists.

Nouzha Restaurant

To welcome the tourists from all over the world, there are several resorts in Muscat and other cities of the country. However, it is recommended that you stay in a Resort in Muscat as accessibility to evert part of the country is easy from Muscat. The nature has also been quite kind to the country in blessing it with scenic beauty. The majestic mountains, canyons, gorges, coastline and the silky sand dunes, Oman offers everything you could ever wish for as a tourist.

Let’s see how you can make your Oman trip memorable:

1. Trip to Wadi Al Abyad

Wadi Al Abyad is where you will find the undulating sand dunes. The vast dunes look mesmerizing especially during sunrise and sunset. They are also the perfect spot for adventure activities such as dune bashing, quad biking and camel riding.

2. Wadi Bani Khalid Excursion

After leaving the desert you reach Wadi Bani Khalid. This is the point where Hajar mountains start to lose their height. You will find blue and green pools enclosed in the walls of the wadi walls. The landscape is quite magnificent. You can even take a dip into the pool to cool you off.

 3. Mountains & Forts Tour

Oman has preserved its forts very carefully and the mountains in Oman are not much high but are quite majestic. There are guided mountains and forts tour that take you to all these places. Jabreen Fort, mountain villages of Al Hamra and Misfah and Jebel Shams are some of the iconic places of Oman that you must visit.

4. Tasting The Local Cuisines

Oman has kept its rich culture and tradition intact despite of all kind of modernization. When in Oman you have to taste the local cuisines like Harees, Omani halwa, Majboos, Shuwa, Mashuai, Miskak and many more. Many of these dishes are Arabic but have a distinct Omani flavor to them.

5. Shopping At Muttrah Souq

What’s a trip without shopping? If you wish to buy traditional souvenirs and gifts for the near ones, Muttrah Souq is the place to go. This shopping destination is in Muscat city and the best part about this souq is that the shops are decorated in the traditional manners maintaining the old world charm.

Where To Stay

Al Nahda Resort

If you wish to experience a stay that is complete in all respects, you can go for Al Nahda Resort & Spa. This is a luxury resort in Muscat, nestled in a mango orchard. The greenery all around the resort makes it a soothing experience. The resort boasts luxury accommodations that are equipped with all kind of modern amenities. The award-winning restaurants in the resort serves lip-smacking.

Al Nahda Resort & Spa Wins Nomination For World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017

Al Nahda Resort and Spa is a popular luxury resort located in the sprawling city of Muscat. A lot of features make this resort stand apart, however, its most unique feature is its location. Nestle in a mango orchard, the lush greenery around the resort is simply breathtaking. Complementing its location are 109 rooms designed in bungalow, villas and apartment styles replete with all modern amenities. All this combined by unmatched food and service has yet again won the resort the nomination for World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017. Now, it is the vote of its patrons that can get them the awards.

Vote for Al Nahda A Luxury Resort

Reasons why the resort deserves this award 

  • Amazing accommodation with different options of stay.
  • All modern amenities in every room.
  • Lush green surrounding that brings you close to the nature.
  • 3 restaurants to cater your culinary desires.
  • Award-winning URU spa to awaken your senses.
  • Very helpful and courteous staff to make your stay as smooth as possible.
  • Host of offers to choose from all round the year.

In a bustling city like Muscat, it is almost impossible to find a place that is calm, serene and surrounded by greenery. Al Nahda resort and spa boasts of a location that is unique in so many respects. As soon as you enter the resort, you are greeted with sprawling greens and cluster of mango trees. From there begins a property that is an epitome of luxury and opulence.

The resort never fails to walk that extra mile for our guests and always ensure that they have the best time of their lives. As we are nominated to the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017, your vote really counts. Vote for us by visiting the given link.


A Luxury Resort & Spa facility in the midst of lush green fruit orchards in Muscat, Oman. A luxurious place for holidays with your family,kids and friends.