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Holiday In Oman: A Perfect Place for Adventure

A place where people love to spend their memorable time with family and Friends. An amazing country called “Sultanate of Oman” known for best location for holidays. A destination which have amazing landscape i.e beautiful wadis, beaches, mountains, deserts, forts, wildlife and friendly people. Oman is a good place for some adventure as well. It doesn’t matter if you are an active adventurer or a just a spectator – Oman has something for everyone.

Apart from the beauty of Oman there are so many adventurous activities for tourists. If you wish to participate in the adventure then you can try some of the following activities:

Trekking – A Type of Walking or Hiking

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Trekking is mixture of hiking and walking. Trekking is kind of trip, particularly to hike through mountains and their villages to enjoy the nature for multiple days. Walking on the footprints of donkeys, you can explore old villages. You can walk Wadis upstream to have an uplifting bath or up the mountain to have magnificent views over canyons and valleys.

Adventure In Mountain – Rock Climbing


For amazing adventure there are ample opportunity for rock climbing in Oman. There are cliffs everywhere in Oman – this country is a treasure for climbers. Rock climbing is part of your complete fitness, strength and control, if these qualities you don’t have then it is not made for you. You can try edge climbing, traditional climbing, bolted routes etc.

In Desert – Camel Riding

camel riding

In dunes, Light of the sun and riding on camel is an amazing experience in the desert of Oman. Getting on and off the camels is always tricky for many travelers. Camel riding is one of the unforgettable skills or you can say ride. During camel riding some tourists expected to look after his own camel; to groom it, saddle and unsaddle it and bring it water and feed it.

Snorkeling – Swim Like Fish

Not bad finding a sea turtle for Nicola's first snorkeling experience!  Our special "one kid at a time" trip with dad started with Morgan when she was 11. She chose to see Florida -- Disney World, Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. When Aaron turned 11 he said "I want to see the Grand Canyon", so that's where the two of us went -- for a two week road trip through Arizona and New Mexico (you can see some of those pictures in this set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mshandro/sets/72057594127634638/... early on in my Flickr das. For Nicola's trip, she chose to see Hawaii. We spent 2 weeks exploring the Big Island together in February 2010. We stayed close to Kahalu'u Beach Park near Kona. The snorkeling here is "one of the nicer spots on the Big Island" (as mentioned in the Big Island Revealed guide book -- recommended). I've been away from the Flickr scene for too long now! I'll slowly put some more up from this Hawaii trip... when I get back from San Francisco with Morgan. Now we're starting a Grade 12 tradition...

Omani sea and Indian Ocean are exuding with marine life. Snorkeling is relatively easier than diving and the best part is that anyone can do it. The colors of the corals and different fish are surely a treat for your eyes. You can also witness turtles while swimming. An extraordinary experience of underwater life and feel like fish.

Sand Surfing


One of the favourite sports for travelers is sand surfing and it’s similar to snow surfing. Sand surfing amateur activity that take place on deserts. Going up to peak of dunes and sliding down at great speed is full of adventure. So, join us to experience the adventurous life with us.

And a lot more…

The Sultanate of Oman is a haven for connoisseurs and globe-trotters. You can witness the famous Camel race which happens once every year, shop in the traditional markets and cherish the Arabic architecture etc. This great place is waiting for you to come and create some everlasting memories.

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Stay At the Hotels in Muscat, Oman and Enjoy The Commendable Hospitality!

Oman is a perfect destination for a wonderful and peaceful vacation. Muscat, the capital of the nation is one of the most renowned and striking cities of the country. The picturesque beauty of the Sultanate magnetizes travelers towards it for a fun-filled vacation. Looking at the growing number of visitors in Oman, various resorts and hotels in Muscat, Oman are emerging to offer the travelers a comfortable stay.

Luxury Resort in Oman Al Nahda Resort & Spa
Luxury Resort in Oman Al Nahda Resort & Spa

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Tourism industry is one of the most thriving industries in the nation because of the continuous increase in the number of travelers each year.  The warm hospitality and great offerings compel guests from all over the world to spend their vacations here in Oman. For every guest, the nation has appropriate and contented accommodation facility. The hotels in Muscat, Oman are very economical and provide all such facilities that one look for leisure during vacations.

So, just plan your tour and pack your bags for a commendable holiday in Muscat, Oman.

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Hotels in Muscat: Showcasing Incredible Hospitality

Oman is an ideal location for peaceful vacation. Muscat, the capital of the country is one of the most popular and beautiful cities of the Sultanate. The panoramic vistas of this astounding country magnetize visitors towards it for a long vacation. For these reasons, several resorts and Hotels in Muscat and in other parts of the country have been developed.

Samar Restaurant at Al Nahda Resort & Spa
Samar Restaurant at Al Nahda Resort & Spa, Oman

Tourism industry has been flourished in the country rapidly due to the increase in the number of visitors. The heritage and beauty of the Sultanate compel people from all over the world. For each category of guest, the country has suitable and comfortable accommodation. Hotels in Muscat are very nominal as well and offer all such amenities that one seek for leisure during holidays. The hospitality of the city and the country too is just incredible.

So, pack your bags and plan a trip to this stupendous place and enjoy the scenic beauty along with mind blowing hospitality in the Muscat hotels.

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