Oman: The Fastest Emerging Tourist Destination Of Middle East

UAE has always been on top of the list of the travelers when it comes to middle eastern countries. Its most populous city, Dubai has developed itself in a way that people from all over the world dream of coming here. Some of the marvels like Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world not only attract tourists but also the filmmakers, models who love to shoot there. However, another country that is rapidly gaining prominence in terms of tourism is The Sultanate of Oman. People of all over the world are flocking to the country, thanks to its rich culture and diverse topography backed by sound infrastructure.

Oman, a potential contributor to GDP
The contribution of the tourism sector in the overall GDP is currently at 6% and is growing at the same rate. This rate of growth puts Oman on the top followed by Qatar and Kuwait. The contribution of Oman in the GDP include the economic activities like hotel business, airlines, travel agencies, adventure industries and restaurants etc. The number of jobs that are being generated has also increased considerably. WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) has forecast that the number of jobs will reach 81000 by the year 2026. The council has also predicted the total number of tourist visiting Oman to reach 33,42,000 by the end of the year 2026.

What makes Oman popular among the tourists?
Oman is a complete package when it comes to tourism. It has an abundance of natural scenic beauty in addition to fun activities and a rich culture to delight the tourists.



Oman boasts a very rich natural beauty as you get to see dunes, animal reserves, valleys, mountains, caves, islands, lagoons and what not. You can see many species of turtles, deer in reserves like Al Saleel Nature Park and Turtle reserve in the beach area. Similarly, natural beauty is abundant in valleys like Wadi Al Abyad and Akhwar Beach Lagoon.



There is no dearth of activities for the tourists once they are in this beautiful country called Oman. If you are an adventure junkie, sports like dune bashing etc await you here. Other activities like boating, trekking, camping, and bird watching and a lot more are also the highlights of Oman.


Omani people

If you love to explore new cultures, Oman will not dishearten you. The forts, castle, museums and religious sites let you get soaked in the rich cultural heritage that the country has to offer.

In order to give the tourists a really good time, several luxury hotels and resorts have now been opened that not only offer great accommodation but also let the guests indulge in numerous fun and adventure activities. Cities like Muscat that have amazing dunes to treat the visitors provide the perfect settings for adventure sports like dune bashing, camel racing, hill climbing and much more. If you are planning to visit Oman, it is highly recommended that you do it in winters and look for a resort that lets you explore dunes in all their glory.

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