Enjoy The Traditional Omani cuisines At the Best Restaurant in Oman

If you are in Oman or planning to visit the country and are confused about what to eat and where to eat then you are in for a surprise.

The Omani cuisine is a blend of a number of Asian foods.Most dishes revolve around chicken, fish, lamb, and rice.Pork is not served anywhere in the country as it is forbidden in Islam.Omani dishes contain a rich mixture of spices, herbs, and marinades.The most traditional beverages in Oman are laban and khawa.

Khawa at Al Nahda
Khawa at Al Nahda

Being a Muslim country predominantly, alcohol is hardly consumed in Oman.There are very few vendors that sell alcohol.

Indian cooking has a lot of influence on Omani cuisine.A variety of Indian restaurants can be found in the country.

Omani people are famous for their warmth and kindness.We sincerely hope that you will meet wonderful people here and will be lucky to get an invitation for a meal into someone’s home.

But just in case if you wish to discover food on your own in this beautiful country, you’re more than welcome to indulge your senses in our restaurants and bars.

Our restaurant is one of the best restaurant in Oman.We provide a range of culinary delights for all the senses, along with theme evenings and promotions.

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