Explore Different Types Of Restaurants in Oman

We have become more creative and artistic in approach.When it comes to hospitality industry, over the years it has grown steeply, not just in numbers but also creatively in the business to raise the bar of competition in the hospitality market. It is this shift from conventional restaurant system to modern and more creative system that we see a lot of new things coming on the table.Today we can find different types of restaurants, although without much of variation in the menu.Oman which has rapidly grown as a tourist destination has some fascinating restaurants, offering traditional Omani food along with various delicacies from different parts of the world.

Traditional Omani Food

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In Oman you can witness three different types of restaurants for their ambiance, setting and services.The first is Outdoor restaurants in Oman which are basically located in and around the beaches of the country to cater those visiting the beaches.Indoor restaurants are mostly located inside the city with obvious setting and ambiance for clandestine dinner.But what is more mystical and attractive in Oman is theme based restaurants which offer a setting on a given theme like rainforest themed restaurant, where the setting is based on jungle.

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