Resort In Muscat: Tranquil Stay With Luxury Accommodation

Muscat is one of the most exotic destinations of Oman and the entire middle-east. A little underrated, the city has a lot to offer to the tourists. From its cultures, traditions to its modern charms, Muscat has everything a tourist longs for. Within a few kilometers, you can experience the undulating sand dunes and gorges that invoke mystical charm. Indulging in adventurous activities in the sand dunes fills you up with fun and excitement. The traditional shops in the city are also one of the attractions here. To top them all, there are luxury hotels and resorts in Muscat where you can find every amenities and luxury that you want on a trip.

What To Do In Muscat?

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation
There is no dearth of hotels and resorts that offer luxury stay in Muscat. These hotels are not just the epitome of the royal Omani hospitality but also offer luxuriously appointed rooms and delectable food. After a tiring day roaming around the city, these resorts in Muscat will provide you the much-needed relaxation.

Shopping In Traditional Souqs is an experience in itself. There are several items that represent the rich tradition of Oman. Mattrah Souq is one of the most popular shopping places where you can find handbags, paintings, perfumes, antiques and traditional clothes. Several varieties of dry fruits are also available in these markets. You will find the gift shops in the by-lanes of the market. Bargaining is quite common here in every shop except the restaurants.

traditional restaurants in Muscat

Enjoy A Great Culinary Experience
Oman is blessed with a very rich tradition and culture and it reflects in the cuisine you get to enjoy in the city. From Omani halwa to Haris and Kahwa, you can set on to an amazing culinary journey. Numerous restaurants in Muscat not only offer the traditional Omani fare but also has global cuisines on its menu. Oman has always been open to the influence from Asian, Arabian and even American and European

Adventurous Activities
The Muscat city and the country Oman in its entirety is a paradise for adventure lovers. The naturally blessed country has a lot to offer to the adventure junkies. Starting with dunes that starts after an hour drive from Muscat city, Oman has mountains and coastline like no other country. Quad biking, dunes bashing, camel riding, sand boarding are some of the adventure activities that can keep the tourists hooked in the dunes. Wadi-Al-Abiyad, Wahiba sands are some of the popular dunes. Apart from these, the visitors can also enjoy trekking and mountaineering over the old donkey paths through the gorges discovering the old villages during the course of the trek.

Closing Thoughts
If you think Dubai is the only Middle-East destination worth a trip, you need to visit Muscat. It has earned itself a position in the tourism industry with great efforts. From natural scenic beauty to the charms of a modern city, Muscat is sure to touch the chords of every traveler.

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